January 16, 2006

Sexy-fying Slasher

I'm tweaking Slasher to make him more sexy (Slasher=my Linux box)! KDE's translucency engine is nice! And I made the toolbar and Konsole window transparant. I made the Wallpaper a slideshow of every sexy wallpaper I own, and the screensaver is a random cycle of every sexy screensaver I own. Plus I just added a bootsplash screen and a framebuffer console image. So it's pretty damn sexy. Yeah, I mean totally fsckable (pun intended :p). Pretty soon here I'm gonna get a bunch of plugins, extensions, and add ons. Like Karamba and stuff. I'll post a screenshot when I'm done. Ooh, it's Bright Eyes! GOD last.fm is AWESOME. If you don't have a last.fm account, you need to get one.


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