January 20, 2006

My Sexy Console Splash Screen

After a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of tinkering, I finally got my chosen theme (Cynapses, bitch! :P) to load. It turns out that since I had two framebuffers, and sisfb automatically starts at boot no matter what, the settings I set for vesafb (I set it to use 16bpp instead of 8bpp) were being overwritten by the settings that sisfb had (apparently it uses 8bpp by default). So I just changed video=vesafb:[snip] to video=sisfb:[snip]. So n00bish. Anyways. Here's what my vt (virtual terminal, for all you n00bs out there) looks like now:

[NOTE: This image is an exception to the statement at the bottom of my blog. It is not of my own design, rather, the dude who writes http://blog.cynapses.com designed it (I'm assuming it was him, if I'm wrong, correct me). Besides. I'm allowed to steal images because I suck at cg :P. But I'm not allowed to steal code, because I pwn at programming. See how that works? Anyway, I'll shut up now.]


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