January 12, 2006

Hell Yes, I'm Seeing The Best Modern Emo Bands Ever Live In Concert

Woohoo. Go me. Anyway. I just found out, in addition to Fall Out Boy and All-American Rejects (I don't know... Maybe they'll convince me that they are worth listening to), Hawthorne Heights and From First To Last will also be playing! I'm so excited! I almost pissed my pants when I found out! My girlfriend will kill me! In other news: It's Andrews birthday today. The big 18, man! If you see him today, be sure to wish him well. Otherwise, you can hit him up on MySpace. Also. Remember, January is Miyazaki month over at TCM. That means total anime domination every thursday. If you haven't seen Laputa, now is your chance. So check it out. Suckah.


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