December 14, 2005

System Updates (Finally) Complete

After two fuckin' days of screwing around (configging the new kernel, etc.), my system is finally up-to-date. Now I just need to get all the shit I had before that portage massacred during my last update (klaptopdaemon is the only one I can remember atm, but I'm sure there are others, and hopefully I'll remember those as time goes on). Then after that there is the new packages I've been waiting for internet access to emerge, (the only one of these that I remember is dissembler, but I know that I had basically the whole entire game category on hold) and then I'm done. Oh, I forgot about the gaim tools, and Karamba. I'll have to remember to get those this weekend if I have time. See, I'll remember everything in no time! ^_^ *glances at arm* *GASP* Where is my rubber band bracelet?!


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