December 28, 2005

Hey You

Hey you, yeah you with those bracelets 'round your wrists.
The ones your mother makes you wear to keep you from slitting them.
Yeah, you've kinda taken a liking to them anyway.
Or at least that's what you say.

What would you do if I told you that everytime you blink I'm forced to stare at your eyes; those big, bright eyes, with the lashes that stretch for miles, and I wonder what it would be like to see you blink them all the time, oh it couldn't be bad.

Hey you, yeah you, with the tear-stained eyes, all red and itchy. They still look as beautiful as they did yesterday, if not more beautiful. Yeah, I'll stick with my second statement, I like the way they glisten and gleam, gleam and glisten, like the lake behind your house where you go skinny-dipping even though your dad said no. Yeah, you were grounded for a week, but it was worth it.

Hey you, yeah you, with your hair all in your face, you look so adorable, I can't help but stare. Everything you do makes me smile, and I don't smile too often, and neither do you, so I'm thinking we should probably stick together. But only if you want to. Is it okay if I kiss you? Can I call you tiger lily? I guess it's okay, since you're not pushing me away.

Hey you, yeah you, who did that to your eye? Now you can't open it, and that's one less eye to look at. What? How could youf father hit you, doesn't he know that you've got the prettiest eyes in the whole wide world? Now I want to cry... Is it okay if I hold onto you? I'm afraid I'll dissapear.

Hey you, yeah you, you weren't at school today. What? We can't see each other any more? ...Oh... I gues that's okay... Can I still dream about you? You want to run away?! You can hide down in my basement, I can bring you spaghetti on tuesdays, cos tuesday is spaghetti dinner. And I can sneak downstairs at night and read you stories and give you kisses, and we can pretend we're in a movie, and our lives aren't so bad anymore.


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