December 26, 2005

Black Roses for Your Hair

You are my wings, you allow me to fly,
When I'm not with you I fall, and I die.
I cannot leave you; I cannot even try,
Your sweet voice, it haunts me,
Your sweet lulaby.

Your face it reminds me of white roses in bloom,
Pearly white; beautiful, like an extravagent tomb.
Don't weep for me, baby, I'll be with you soon.
Together forever,
We'll share in our doom.

You never look up, you always look down.
You never wear a smile; only a frown.
If I could see your eyes, in them I'd drown.
Sometimes I wish I could make you smile...
...If only for a while.

Why so melancholy, dear?
Your heart's safe with me, you need never fear.
I will wipe away your tears.
Your eyes look so much better open.
Your spirit works better when it's not broken.

Please don't feel bad when I'm gone.
I cross my heart, it won't be long.
And when I'm with you you won't feel so alone.
And when I'm with you you won't be cold like stone.
A pile of clouds will be your throne.

I'll pluck black roses from the air,
And put them in your hair to wear.
We'll walk hand in hand along that path,
I'll look at you, and we'll both laugh.
I say "It's growing late, my love", and you say "I don't care"

We walk along, between the graves and you look at me.
You point to over yonder, where there sits an old oak tree.
We sit beneath it, you and I, I wonder how it can be,
That a girl so beautiful can love a guy like me.


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