November 28, 2005

Somebody Help Me

Anyone out there know Blogger's psuedo-html, and want to help me find out what the fuck is wrong with my sidebar? Just view the source and tell me what's wrong in a comment. Much thanks in advance.

I'm Back.

Well, after what seemed like a long Thanks Giving Weekend, I'm finally back. My family and I went to Pennsylvania to see my aunt, and we ate Thanks Giving Dinner there. We rented a few movies and stuff as well. I got a replacement for the Sex Pistols album that got destroyed (Nevermind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols), and I got the Hawthorne Heights CD (The Silence in Black and White). It's awesome. I'm listening to it as we...err... Nevermind...

November 21, 2005

Yay, I'm Finally Caught Up! ...Oh wait... Nevermind...

Well, yesterday I finally got all caught up in Chemistry. And today's Monday, so now I'm not caught up anymore. I'm not behind either, but I am behind in Government and English, so I have to do an extra huge ammount of work today. Then why am I spending my time writing this, you may ask? Well, two words (or, one acronym, and one word): IIS SUCKS. My stupid n00bish school runs freaking Windows servers. And so now they have to run 'maintenance' on them every 3 weeks or so. Probably cleaning up all the viruses they contracted in their
Windows-Using ignorance, no doubt. Anyway, I need to get back to work (or at least back to furiously pinging my schools lack-of-a-server).

November 18, 2005

What The Fuck Is Wrong With My Template?

Anybody know why my blog headings randomly change from red to green, and why my sidebar is no longer a sidebar?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire = t3h pwnz0red

Yeah, I saw it last night at 12. And it was fucking awesome. Anyways, sorry I couldn't write yesterday. I was busy with many things, including school work, and pwning bosses in Soul Callibur II. And today I hope to do the after I do some chemistry. Dell finally found my warranty information. Turns out it was somehow lost in their database. So now I have to send it in, and give them my root password. I was like "Fuck no! I'm not giving them root!". So we'll see what happens.

November 16, 2005

var greatAmericanMagazineFundraiser==t3h suxx0r

Yeah, you heard me (well, maybe you heard me, if you are a hacker and/or programmer ^_^). Stupid magazine thing sucks. Not one Linux, nintendo, hacker, or otaku related magazine. Not one. Those assholes.Not even Nintendo Power or Shonen Jump! Anyway, in other news, the cable guy tried to hit on my mom today. He's lucky I didn't see it, because I would've kicked his ass. Well, I gots to go read emails now. See ya later.

November 14, 2005

My Doubtful And Depraved Mind

I have sinned. I have done horrible wrongs.I have doubted the existence of God, I have doubted the love of my girlfriend, and I have doubted the value of life. I have been making important decisions with a depraved mind that no longer has the ability to make sound judgements. I'm sorry.

November 12, 2005

My Life Temporarily Ends In... *looks at the clock* An Hour

Guess what? My fucking sisters are having a party with like 17 other people in an hour! Guess where I will [forcibly] be? Up in my fucking room, unallowed to come out, until they leave. I feel like fucking Cinderella for Christ's sake.

And once, they do leave, I can't even have my own party. Why? Because I have no friends. Although, it's not like I need any. Yeah, and I don't want any, either. Yeah, so FUCK YOU.

November 11, 2005

My Life Is t3h Suck

Well, I finally got a useable answer from one of the support agents from Dell: They barred off the memory module in the Inspiron 1000 to prevent the customer from replacing it (God knows why). So basically, if they choose not to replace it for me, I'm screwed. Something tells me that they will replace it, though. Maybe it's the fact that I didn't do anything to it, that is, it failed as a result of nothing but normal operation. Also, I didn't even have it for a full year yet (but for some reason my warrenty seems to have expired). Anyway, I hope my instincts are correct, because if they aren't then I am screwed. Royally.

I'm Still Here...

After thinking about it for a while, I remembered the whole Hell thing. At first, I was indifferent (What can be worse than this; I can kick Satan's ass and take over; etc.), but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wasn't ready... Yet... Maybe one of these days I will be able to do it. Anyway, I was just getting ready to reseat the memory last night, when I realized I had no fucking clue how to do it. I mean, I thought it would be easy, since they don't support Linux, they'd be telling Windows users to do this, correct? var ("windowsUser") = n00b. n00b!=brain. var ("linuxUser") = 1337. 1337 == teh pwnz0rz. Anyway, I'm going to try and see if i can find out how to do this shit online, cos I am so not going to try and translate the instructions of some heavy accented foriengner over the phone (no offense to anybody, I'm anti-racist, remember? ^_^ ).

November 10, 2005


school is pointless... Why do I need to learn Chemistry? Or United FUCKIN States Government? What the fuck am I ever going to do with that false knowledge? This is all a pointless waste of time. And even if I do it, I still fail because the TEACHERS NEVER GRADE ANYTHING. They don't even RESPOND TO THE EMAILS. Then they claim that they never got them, when I have copies of the messages IN MY SENT INTEMS FOLDER. And if I don't do this, I can never do what I want. I can never do anything. It's either this... Or suicide. And Guess which one is looking more apealing to me right now?


Today, if things go according to plan (that is, if this works), I might actually be... Dare I say it? ...Happy (I've actually been happy before, (yes, I know it's quite hard to believe) but it is a very rare emotion for me, and when I do experience it, it's usually at the expence of someone else.). What is 'this', you ask? Well, today my mom found a set of a bunch of screwdrivers, all various sizes and styles, and one just happened to fit the [somewhat deformed] mini-screw on the back of my laptop, on the case that leads to the memory cards. Now I can finally reseat the memory. And, if it works [which it better], get my damned laptop to start again.

November 07, 2005

I Usually Don't Double Post, But...

...This is an emergency. My sisters are having a 'fiesta' and they are bringing 7 of their dirty little monster people... I think they called them... 'friends'? Yes, it was something like that... Anyway, 7... Humans... Are coming to my house... On saturday. They should know that they endanger their very lives by coming here. And if they set foot within a meter of my door, they will die. I will reap their souls like fields of rice, and their blood will cover my hands and face like air. If my mother cannot find me shelter by Saturday, and I have to stay here, there will be a problem. And it won't be my problem. Oh, no, it will be their problem.

Anyone Feel Like Hanging Themselves And Taking A Picture Of It? It's For My Blog.

Yeah, I still need that picture... You know, the one with the shadowy figure hanging from a tree in a dark forest? Yeah, that's the one. I will not rest until I find it. Or fake it. Or get someone else to fake it for me. ^_^

November 05, 2005

The Bathroom Mantra

Bathroom Mantra
Snoop Style

If you shizzle
in the bizzle,
Grab a can
and give a spizzle!

Sorry, but that was too funny not to blog. XDD

In other news: I updated the Links to make them more relevant. There's my orkut profile, my profile, my MySpace (since nobody uses orkut, even though it is way better than frickin' MySpace), and... Wait, what was the last one? Shit! I forgot! *goes to check*
oh yeah... My web site! Duh! Anyway... Yeah. Goodbye.

November 04, 2005


Wheeee! It's Sesshomaru! As a plushie! And I got one today, at Hot Topic! So cool!

November 03, 2005

Hell Yes, I Am Done! Ouch! Get That Damn Needle Away From Me, You Psycho! >.<

Well, I'm done with the update. Do you like it? Honestly, I could give a shit less if you do or not. Anyway, I gotta go now. I don't have much to say today anyways, other than I had to get a fucking shot. Seriously, they need to come up with a new way of injecting vaccines. I say we absorb them through our pores. Sound good?

November 02, 2005

Personality Test

Woohoo! Almost Done!

Well, I ditched the whole text header and replaced it with an image. I think it's much better. I added a favicon, and right now I'm going to give the color scheme a complete overhaul. So stay tuned.

Been Trying To Spice This Up A Bit...

... Could you tell? Anyway, I think I may (eventually) add a background image and maybe even change a few colors around. I can't find the background I want, though. See, what I was going for was a sorta darkish forest-type dealie with a shadowy figure hanging from a tree, but I can't find anything, and I'd never be able to make one my own... I mean, unless I photoshoped it in from another picture, but even then, I can't find another picture to photoshop it in from. Anyway, I guess I'm sorta stuck with this for the time being. In the meantime, keep your eyes open. -_^

November 01, 2005

RootThisBox Is Fucked Up, And HackThisSite Isn't Even THERE.

Alright wtf. I can't create a team on RootThisBox because it's being a lamer, and HackThisSite is just... gone... Dammit... I'm hungry... *walks away dazed and confused*