October 20, 2005

Sister's Birthday, And A New Poem

Today is my sister's birthday. We are going out to eat. That is all I have to say about that. Now, for the poem.

Drench my soul with your existence like rain.

Make it so I may never sleep again.

Envelop my mind like a fog on a lake.

Make it so I never want to be awake.

Sink into my body like a disease.

Make me entranced like all my favorite memories.

Drive your image into me like a screw.

Make me want nobody but you.

Shatter my heart like a hammer.

Walk away; ignore it's awful clamor.

Leave me here in this dark corner.

Make me like a soulless mourner.

Eat me from the inside like a parasite.

Kill me slowly like a poison.


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