September 08, 2005

World War II Project Uncovers More Disturbing Things About America

While doing my project on World War II, I uncovered some more reasons to be Anti-American (as if you need a reason). At the beginning of World War II, President FDR vowed to keep America neutral, and promised that he would stay out of the war, breeding a small period of peaceful isolationism. This was backed by the signing of the Nuetrality Acts, an act that stated that America was not to offer support in any way shape or form to countries at war. Only a few years after signing this, however, this period was shattered, and America seemed to forget all about the Nuetrality Acts, and a new act, called the Lend-Lease Act, was signed. This war mongering act stated that America was to lend or lease supplies to countries at war, the complete opposite of the Neutrality Acts. Maybe if war mongerers like FDR and George W. Bush would stay out of foreign affairs, and solve the myriad ammount of problems in America, then maybe this country wouldn't suck as badly as it does. End rant.


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