September 29, 2005

o_0 My Hands Are Going To Freeze And Fall Off....

GAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Why are my hands so cold?! Poor circulation sucks major assage.... Anyway... Seriously, I'm about to extract the gene that codes for poor circulation, and replace it with a normal one, because this is bullshit. End rant. Anyway, I finally finished the first week of Chemistry A. It was fucking easy. I mean, who doesn't know the metric system (if you don't, leave now, because I don't permit idiots on my blog :p)? And temperature conversions? Thats like second grade! Honestly! Anyway, my room is looking pretty bare at the moment.... *looks around* ....Yeah.... I took out my shelving unit today, and cleaned off all the furniture and stuff. Some (wannabe) strong dudes are coming over tommorrow to move shit. I was sure to leave nasty messages regarding what would happen if they broke things on my boxes. ^^;;
*sings* Yeehaw, I'm listening to Bright Eyes! And according to my download bot, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa is almost downloaded onto my server. ....It better not be lying, because if it is, I'm going to turn it into a worm :p. Norton can't save you from The Almighty Slash! Anyway, I'm gonna stop writing now. Slash out.


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