September 12, 2005

The Futon Has Arrived...

The futon arrived today on-time as expected. I must say, I am impressed. Things never go this well...o_O(anticipates something really bad to happen[equivalent exchange])Anyway, if you wanna know what it looks like, I got this frame(lounger from the Metro Collection), and this mattress(6" foam core). It's pretty sweet, cos now i have a considerably larger amount of space left over ^_^(which, sadly, is still barely enough to keep me from slipping into a claustrophobia-induced panic attack)~_~. My favorite thing about it is how authentic it looks. You can look at it and Japan automatically comes to mind. And the World Map on the wall behind it, with japan marked with one of them map tack things, sorta adds to the effect. so cool! =*^_^*=
In other news...I'm like 99.9% done with my WWII project. Then I have to read some 100 page sad excuse for a novel and answer questions on it, and I'm done. i should be able to finish the project today, and the book by tomorrow night. If I'm really feeling motivated (which I hardly ever am :p) I'll have them both done by tonight. I doubt that will happen, though. Anyway, I think I have once again exhausted my space for today, so I'll just go ahead and let you go (why are you reading this in the first place?! o_O).


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Blogger The Slash said...

GAH!! Strippers are leaving comments on my blog?! XD

hmm....I must be getting pretty popular lmao

9/12/2005 04:32:00 PM  

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