September 11, 2005

Almost done...

I'm finally almost done with 10th grade. I've got like 2 more things I have to do, and then the pain and suffering is all over, that is, until I have to start again. On a lighter note (not really), I'm feeling a little rebelious today, so don't be surprised if I argue with you for hours on end. I'm always right in the end, anyway, so don't even bother (you'll see...[you'll all see...]). My mom revealed to me yesterday that she doesn't think that i'll ever really go to japan. well, if she thinks i'm gonna spend one single millisecond in this shithole excuse for half a country, she is sorely mistaken. If i say i'm going to do something, i will do it (that is, of course, unless i'm lying, which, in this case isn't true [for once]). Well, i think i've exhausted another page of my big black book for today (thats my diary, for those of you who don't know). even if i haven't actually written this in it, i feel as though it's there...invisible maybe, or just ingrained deep within the pages....

P.S.: America needs to pull the gigantic speck out of it's own eye, before trying to pull one out ofother peoples' (in response to the hurricane katrina effort). Maybe this country wouldn't suck half as bad as it does if the worthless government put that money towards things that matter. Furthermore, september eleventh was four years ago. you have three choices:
  1. get off your ass and do somtething about it (like overthrow the man responsible, who is killing all your sons needlessly in iraq every fucking day)
  2. if you don't care enough to do that, shut the hell up about it
  3. cry about it every year for the rest of your life like a little child, but yet still do nothing about it.

you've had more than enough time to do any of these (four years to be exact). it's over. it happened. they're gone. either do something about it, or shut your worthless mouths.



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